MDIA1002 Tute Posting 1

My use of newspapers is usually in bits and pieces, and due to the fact that news is everywhere, I don’t necessarily have to seek it out to find out ‘what’s going on’. I don’t read newspapers on a regular basis, but my experience with news on TV and radio is much more common. News is ‘given’ to me on TV and radio, so while not necessarily seeking out news, I’m still able to know ‘what’s going on’.

There are many language tools that I use, including online dictionaries and thesauruses, which are very helpful and easily accessible in finding definitions, as well as synonyms for words I may use repeatedly.

Deadlines encourage me to get things done quicker, but can also be stressful. I find that I may pace myself if I have a deadline to meet, but most likely end up completing a task at the last minute. Either way, I find that I will always meet a deadline.

Janis Lucis


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