Impact of the ‘Network Age’ on the music industry –

I discovered the website in my search for some new music. I clicked on the link, and what did i find? New music. But not just the latest hit single from the top 40 charts, but music that has probably never been heard by anyone before, except the artist himself. The ‘network age’ has revolutionised the way we seek and find music. Websites such as and to an extent, MySpace, have opened our ears to things we may not hear on the radio or at our local JB Hi-Fi. 25 years ago, popular music was shoved down our throats by large record companies and MTV. These days in the ‘network age’, music is still circulated at a rapid pace, but with a more relaxed attitude. People go out and find music for themselves, broadening their horizons in the process. What’s more, is that a site such as will recommend you artists similar to the ones you already like, therefore shortening the process of finding new or lesser known artists. The by-product of this ‘network age’ is an intertwined, democratised library of music that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, at any time. This presents great opportunities for musicians to be seen and heard in a world of rapid media circulation. Further, this could promote an alternative method of music promotion, and encourage lesser known artists to broadcast themselves as independent, instead of pursuing a record contract. This type of community has the potential to change the face of the music industry as we know it, and lead to the decline of the record label.

Janis Lucis

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MySpace Music


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