Impact of the ‘Network Age’ on the music industry – User participation

Another by-product of this ‘network age’ we are living in, is that there is greater user participation within the ‘online music community’. This is an excellent opportunity for people to engage with other ‘users’, in sharing artists and musical styles. Users can create accounts on sites i.e.MySpace and, and proceed as part of a community of ‘hyper-active listeners’, a term used in “LAST FM and the Music Multiverse“, written by Matt Wall-Smith, Ross Rudesch Harley, and Andrew Murphie. This article raises many interesting points about online communities, and their existence as ‘collective efforts’ and ‘open databases’. On, users are linked to other user profiles if the site recognises that their musical tastes are similar (this is know as ‘audio-scrobbling’). Users can then not only discover artists similar to their likings, but connect with the user in many ways. The music that users share is an ingredient in the community that is formed, “it treats the music as an active component in a vital community rather than a given object in a static reference system”. This allows diverse musical tastes and ranges to be unified, regardless of popularity or market position. This opportunity presented to listeners and fans is a great way to contribute to a community of people sharing the same interests and passions for the sametype of music.

Janis Lucis

Check out:

‘LAST FM and the Music Multiverse’


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