Impact of the ‘Network Age’ on the music industry – Working musician

Websites such as and MySpace, in conjunction with the extreme levels of music piracy at the moment, have created a potentially challenging concept for the music industry: the decline of the working musician. With music downloading at such great prevalence, many full-time musicians are having trouble staying afloat financially. Recording contracts are not enough for some artists to be in a comfortable financial state, and thus the idea of music as a profession is slowly drifting away. However, with this challenge, comes a great opportunity, for all musicians to be on equal par with each other. It is a great possibility that soon, artists will be musicians on the side. The idea of the rock star could soon diminish. With MySpace already proving so successful in getting artists noticed, could become the new promotional agency. Artists who already broadcast themselves on are gaining fan bases and followings, and in turn, making small profits from record sales. If this trend continues, we could soon see artists break away from the constraints of recording contracts and pursue their career through online ‘marketing’. All artists could be on the same level, and thus create an even field of music variety, with no artist being over-hyped or overplayed. The most talented artists will be the ones who succeed and prosper.

Janis Lucis

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