Advanced Media Issues – Week 11

Questions of the future are always open and vague. Simply, we don’t know what will happen in the future. However, just as Jane McGonigal states on her website, regarding the future, “never before has humanity been able to explore the emerging landscape in such detail”. We are in a position where we have access to technology and have learnt from the past, to a degree where we can more so than before, predict what is to come. McGonigal states that the future is “our chance to be new”. This is true, as we have the opportunity to decide what kind of future we all face.

Going back to Week Eight’s topic of ‘The Fate of the State’, it is evident that ultimately, we will define the type of government that engages society for the future. Issues of transparency and media’s role in politics are all issues that we can decide on today, to make for a more effective future for us and our children.

Going back again, this time to the topic of ‘Virtuality’, we as society, but also as individuals engaged in business and education, can decide whether


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