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Advanced Media Issues – Week 12

Media art covers a a lot of ground, and spans across multiple styles, genres and even industries. What the average person perceives as media art differs from that of someone involved in media studies and production. Therefore  it can be said that media art needs considerable backing from various institutions to be produced and published, and experienced by the mainstream population.

One of the most impressive recent installations of media art that I have seen is a 3D projection mapping skateboard ramp <http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/tron-3d-projection-mapping-skateboarding-ramp-session/&gt;. This installation coincided with the release of the movie “Tron: Legacy”. However, would this be considered art? It served a purpose in promoting the movie, and functionally, it added a another dimension of activity to the individuals skating the installation. “It’s like you’re in a computer game in real life” – one of the skaters said. The piece was aesthetically pleasing, but according to the individual, added an extra sensation to the experience.

This idea is linked to the way sensation is felt in our lives, in society and various communities. This is reminiscent of virtuality and virtual worlds, where the individual has escaped “reality” for a moment, in order to pursue something else through aesthetics and sensation, while still remaining part of this world. The idea behind ‘Intimate Transactions” <http://www.embodiedmedia.com/#/page/details&gt; is the same. In this case, two individuals, are part of a new ecology that is reliant upon themselves and their actions. They escape to a new community, a new reality, where their actions have consequences in that specific new community.

Perhaps, if media art can be accessed by the mainstream population, society can gain a sense of consequence for their actions. Even though for only a moment, stuck in a virtual reality, individuals can become reliant on only themselves or one other person, and access a reality that they have not before known. Art and media and not always perceived as linked, but if that perception can change, we as society can grow to appreciate and learn what could be in store for us in the future.


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